Norfolk Ambition
Norfolk Ambition

Norfolk Older People’s Strategic Partnership

What is the Norfolk Older People’s Strategic Partnership?

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This aims to ensure that older people in Norfolk lead independent and fulfilling lives.

The Partnership involves older people fully at all stages of developing services and in decision making. It also shares information and good practice across agencies and identifies gaps in services and highlights areas of concern to older people.

Click here to see what the Partnership aims to do and how it works (Terms of Reference)

How does the Partnership work to achieve its aims?

The Board meets every four months and holds agencies to account on their progress towards key objectives in its strategy ‘Living Longer: Living Well. Board meetings are open to the public. At the end of each year an away day is held which looks at achievements and identifies key priorities for the following year.

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All the 7 district Older People’s Forums have elected representatives to sit on the Board and there are currently eleven older people who go to Board meetings, as well as someone from the Carer’s Council. Their names are listed below, together with the organisation they represent.

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Are you publishing information for older people? 

If so, please look at the guidance leaflet: ‘Quality Standards for Printed Information for Older People’ (November 2011). It is important to make sure that any printed information you produce is readable, understandable and avoids jargon.

Click here to see Quality Standards for Printed Information for Older People

What support do older people in Norfolk want to help them live independently?

In 2014, the Partnership drew on the views of older people across the county and on its work during that year to develop a new strategy: Living Longer, Living Well: Promoting Independence and Wellbeing 2016 – 2018.

Click here to see the 4th Norfolk Older People’s Strategy

Can I find out about what the meetings discuss?

Yes, the notes (minutes) of the meetings can be downloaded from this website. Just click on the meeting date you would like to read about.

Alternatively you can come to one of the three annual board meetings as an observer. All Partnership Board meetings are open to the public and you are very welcome to attend.

If you would like to discuss anything about the work of the Norfolk Older People’s Strategic Partnership, please contact Lynne Armitage at or telephone: 07963304015.

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